Infrastructure as a Service

Our IaaS solution offers you a complete virtual data center (vDC) consisting of storage, server and network resources and includes all the features of your on-premise infrastructure for building highly available IT services. High investments in IT infrastructure will be avoided in the future - Truecore offers you agility and scalability and the virtual data center adapts dynamically to your business needs.

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Truecore IaaS - Benefits and advantages of our solution

  • Highly available, scalable resources at a fixed monthly price
  • Virtual data centers consisting of storage, server and network resources
  • Transparent Service Level Agreements (SLAs) / SLA management
  • High investments in hardware as well as in storage capacities are avoided
  • Guaranteed data storage in Switzerland in two highly secure data centers

You don't want to worry about hardware anymore and want to purchase a flexible virtual data center at monthly costs without high investments?

With an IaaS solution from Truecore, your IT department no longer has to worry about the acquisition, expansion and operation of hardware. We operate your IT infrastructure in our highly secure Tier 3 data centers in Switzerland.

Create your own software-based data center (SDDC) and get computing, storage and network resources on demand at the touch of a button.

All our systems have multiple redundant structures and our service offers transparent Service Level Agreements (SLA's) with an availability of 99.9 %.

Truecore IaaS - Overview and Functions

  • Complete virtual data center with server, storage and network resources
  • Guaranteed availability according to Service Level Agreement
  • Web-based, intuitive user portal for managing your virtual data centers, networks and security functions
  • Easy control of your workloads via VMware standard interfaces (API, User Interface, VMware vCloud Connector)
  • Storage classes: Tier 1 - Full Flash (SSD), Tier 2 - Pooled (SSD/SAS) and Tier 3 - Backup (NL-SAS) on multi-controller storage systems
  • Microsoft Windows Operating System (OS) licenses included
  • Licensing of Microsoft applications via our Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) agreement

Truecore Standard vDC - High availability at the best price

  • Virtual data center with server, storage and network resources, virtual NSX Edge Firewall and monitoring
  • Your VMs run on a VMware ESXi cluster in one of our data centers (InterXion Glattbrugg and Equinix ZH5 Oberengstringen)
  • The backup data is stored on a dual-controller storage system in the second data center

Truecore Metro vDC - Highest availability via two data centers

  • Completely georedundantes setup over our two data centers (InterXion Glattbrugg and Equinix ZH5 Oberengstringen)
  • VMware Streched Cluster across both sites including failover capacity
  • The storage resources are mirrored synchronously and the storage layer provides a transparent failover

Frequently Asked Questions about Infrastructure as a Service

Which Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are offered for Infrastructure as a Service?

We offer our customers the following SLAs for our IaaS services, which are included in all offers:

  • Availability of the service: 99.9%.
  • 24/7 operating hours (excludes planned maintenance windows announced in advance)
  • Support availability: 24/7 - Monday - Sunday, 00:00 - 24:00 incl. holidays
  • Business hours: Monday - Friday, 08:00 - 12:00 o'clock and 13:00 - 18:00 o'clock excl. holidays
  • Response time during business hours = 1h response time
  • Response time outside business hours = 2h response time

Are there options for the standard products?

  • Managed Services: Update and patching of virtual systems
  • Virtual instance backup with advanced recovery options
  • Highest storage availability: Synchronously mirrored storage including transparent failover via two data centers
  • disaster recovery
  • System monitoring and application monitoring
  • Highest network and security features, micro-segmentation (VMware NSX Enterprise)
  • Connectivity: VPN, MPLS, Direct connect
  • Managed Firewall Services