Restyaboard Kanban

Kanban is a very popular method of production process control and was originally developed by Toyota. But the Kanban principle does not only exist in production. The method is also used in software development or project management. Not only we, but also more and more of our customers successfully apply this method.

One of the best-known software-based Kanban systems is certainly Trello. RestyaBoard, like Trello, is a visual, cross-platform organization tool or simply an online pinboard. Restyaboard is in no way inferior to Trello and offers even more functionality. Furthermore, it can be operated on-premise or in our Swiss cloud.

Restyaboard - Trello-like Kanban-System with more functionality

Create a project board, enter tasks, assign task cards to employees... There is hardly anything simpler than to-do lists. Restyabord covers everything from task planning for individuals to business solutions for your enterprise and is not only visually but also technically one of the best task management programs.

Restyaboard - Overview and Functions

  • Mobile App available (iOS)
  • Chat and Nested Comments
  • LDAP integration
  • Automatic creation of organizations based on Active Directory groups
  • API Explorer
  • Importing Trello and Wekan boards
  • Templates for boards and cards
  • Grid, List, Calendar and Gantt View Layouts
  • Complete comparison Trello and Restyaboard:
  • Online demo of Restyaboard: