Huawei Storage

As one of the ICT "big players", Huawei has also positioned itself very broadly in the storage sector and offers users a comprehensive product range, ranging from scale-out solutions and unified systems (SAN and NAS) to Hyperconverged, cloud storage, high-performance computing and software-defined storage.

Huawei is the only manufacturer to develop its own SSD chip controllers, SSDs and flash memory. The storage products have an optimized operating system, which was specifically designed for Flash memory. This results in very low latencies, high IOPS and the elimination of possible granularity errors in random processes.

Became a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader within 5 Years

A provider in the Gartner Leader quadrant has the market share, credibility, and marketing and sales capabilities needed to increase acceptance of new technologies. These vendors have a clear understanding of market needs, are innovators and thought leaders, and have well-developed plans that customers can use in developing their storage infrastructures and strategies. Huawei meets all these criteria.

Huawei Dorado All-Flash Storage

The All-Flash-Storage-System OceanStor Dorado V3 is the ideal choice for business critical applications. This system is the industry's first pure NVMe flash storage and offers high performance and reliable and efficient storage services.

Huawei's FlashLink technology offers 4 million IOPS and a consistent latency of 0.5 ms - that increases storage performance tenfold. HyperMetro's active-active, gateway-free solution ensures 99.9999% availability; and a 3:1 data reduction guarantee reduces operating costs by half.

Huawei OceanStor HyperMetro active-active solution

With HyperMetro, Huawei OceanStor storage systems have a gateway-free active-active design with optimized I/O path, making them ideal for deploying mission-critical applications. Huawei OceanStor systems can help companies to achieve very high availability for their services.